Tuesday 7 November 2023

Introduction to Python Programming (Free Course)


Why Python Programming

Welcome to Introduction to Python! Here's an overview of the course.

Data Types and Operators

Familiarize yourself with the building blocks of Python! Learn about data types and operators, built-in functions, type conversion, whitespace, and style guidelines.

Data Structures

Use data structures to order and group different data types together! Learn about the types of data structures in Python, along with more useful built-in functions and operators.

Control Flow

Build logic into your code with control flow tools! Learn about conditional statements, repeating code with loops and useful built-in functions, and list comprehension


Learn how to use functions to improve and reuse your code! Learn about functions, variable scope, documentation, lambda expressions, iterators, and generators.


Setup your own programming environment to write and run Python scripts locally! Learn good scripting practices, interact with different inputs, and discover awesome tools.

Advanced Topics

In this lesson we cover some advanced topics of iterators and generators. You are not required to complete this but we have provided these to give you a taste of these.

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