Saturday 18 November 2023

Can a do-while loop be used to repeat a set of statements in Python?

 Python does not have a built-in "do-while" loop like some other programming languages do. However, you can achieve similar behavior using a "while" loop with a break statement.

Here's an example of how you can simulate a "do-while" loop in Python:

while True:

    # Code block to be repeated

    # Ask the user if they want to repeat the loop

    user_input = input("Do you want to repeat? (yes/no): ")

    # Check the user's input

    if user_input.lower() != 'yes':

        break  # Exit the loop if the user does not want to repeat

In this example, the loop will continue to execute the code block and prompt the user for input until the user enters something other than "yes." The break statement is used to exit the loop when the desired condition is met.

This pattern achieves the same effect as a "do-while" loop where the loop body is executed at least once before the condition is checked.


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