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Monday 19 February 2024

Advanced Django: Advanced Django Rest Framework


What you'll learn

Optimize the Django Rest Framework

Integrate with ReactJS

Join Free: Advanced Django: Advanced Django Rest Framework

There are 4 modules in this course

Code and run Django websites without installing anything!

This course is designed for learners who are familiar with Python and basic Django skills (similar to those covered in the Django for Everybody specialization). The modules in this course cover testing, performance considerations such as caching and throttling, use of 3rd party libraries, and integrating frontends within the context of the Django REST framework.

To allow for a truly hands-on, self-paced learning experience, this course is video-free. Assignments contain short explanations with images and runnable code examples with suggested edits to explore code examples further, building a deeper understanding by doing. You’ll benefit from instant feedback from a variety of assessment items along the way, gently progressing from quick understanding checks (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and un-scrambling code blocks) to slowly building features, resulting in large coding projects at the end of the course.

Course Learning Objectives: 

Write and run tests on Django applications
Optimize code performance using caching, throttling, and filtering
Use a 3rd Party library
Integrate with common Frontends

Select Topics in Python Specialization


What you'll learn

Create websites with Django

Create charts and plots with Matplotlib and Jupyter notebooks

Create a chatbot with the NLTK library

Join Free: Select Topics in Python Specialization

Specialization - 4 course series

This specialization is intended for people who are interested in furthering their Python skills. It is assumed that students are familiar with Python and have taken the Programming in Python: A Hands-On Tutorial.

These four courses cover a wide range of topics. Learn how to create and manage Python package. Use Jupyter notebooks to visualize data with Matplotlib. The third course focuses on the basics of the Django web framework. Finally, learn how to leverage Python for natural langauge processing.

Applied Learning Project

Learners create a variety of projects from their own Python packages, as well as use third-party package management tools. They also transform data into different charts and plots. In the Django course, learners build three simple websites. Finally, natural language processing powers a chatbot that learners build.

Web Applications and Command-Line Tools for Data Engineering


What you'll learn

Construct Python Microservices with FastAPI

Build a Command-Line Tool in Python using Click

Compare multiple ways to set up and use a Jupyter notebook

Join Free: Web Applications and Command-Line Tools for Data Engineering

There are 4 modules in this course

In this fourth course of the Python, Bash and SQL Essentials for Data Engineering Specialization, you will build upon the data engineering concepts introduced in the first three courses to apply Python, Bash and SQL techniques in tackling real-world problems. First, we will dive deeper into leveraging Jupyter notebooks to create and deploy models for machine learning tasks. Then, we will explore how to use Python microservices to break up your data warehouse into small, portable solutions that can scale. Finally, you will build a powerful command-line tool to automate testing and quality control for publishing and sharing your tool with a data registry.

Database Engineer Capstone


What you'll learn

Build a MySQL database solution.

Deploy level-up ideas to enhance the scope of a database project.

Join Free: Database Engineer Capstone

There are 4 modules in this course

In this course you’ll complete a capstone project in which you’ll create a database and client for Little Lemon restaurant.

To complete this course, you will need database engineering experience.  

The Capstone project enables you to demonstrate multiple skills from the Certificate by solving an authentic real-world problem. Each module includes a brief recap of, and links to, content that you have covered in previous courses in this program. 

In this course, you will demonstrate your new skillset by designing and composing a database solution, combining all the skills and technologies you've learned throughout this program to solve the problem at hand. 

By the end of this course, you’ll have proven your ability to:

-Set up a database project,
-Add sales reports,
-Create a table booking system,
-Work with data analytics and visualization,
-And create a database client.

You’ll also demonstrate your ability with the following tools and software:

-MySQL Workbench,
-And Python.

Web Application Technologies and Django


What you'll learn

Explain the basics of HTTP and how the request-response cycle works

Install and deploy a simple DJango application

Build simple web pages in HTML and style them using CSS

Explain the basic operations in SQL

Join Free: Web Application Technologies and Django

There are 5 modules in this course

In this course, you'll explore the basic structure of a web application, and how a web browser interacts with a web server. You'll be introduced to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request/response cycle, including GET/POST/Redirect. You'll also gain an introductory understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as the overall structure of a Django application.  We will explore the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for web applications and how it relates to Django.  You will learn how to deploy a Django application using a service like PythonAnywhere so that it is available over the Internet. 

This is the first course in the Django for Everybody specialization. It is recommended that you complete the Python for Everybody specialization or an equivalent learning experience before beginning this series.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Web App Development and Real-Time Web Analytics with Python: Develop and Integrate Machine Learning Algorithms into Web Apps


Learn to develop and deploy dashboards as web apps using the Python programming language, and how to integrate algorithms into web apps.

Author Tshepo Chris Nokeri begins by introducing you to the basics of constructing and styling static and interactive charts and tables before exploring the basics of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, including an approach to building web pages with HTML. From there, he’ll show you the key Python web frameworks and techniques for building web apps with them. You’ll then see how to style web apps and incorporate themes, including interactive charts and tables to build dashboards, followed by a walkthrough of creating URL routes and securing web apps. You’ll then progress to more advanced topics, like building machine learning algorithms and integrating them into a web app. The book concludes with a demonstration of how to deploy web apps in prevalent cloud platforms.

Web App Development and Real-Time Web Analytics with Python is ideal for intermediate data scientists, machine learning engineers, and web developers, who have little or no knowledge about building web apps that implement bootstrap technologies. After completing this book, you will have the knowledge necessary to create added value for your organization, as you will understand how to link front-end and back-end development, including machine learning.

What You Will Learn

Create interactive graphs and render static graphs into interactive ones

Understand the essentials of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

Gain insight into the key Python web frameworks, and how to develop web applications using them

Develop machine learning algorithms and integrate them into web apps

Secure web apps and deploy them to cloud platforms

Who This Book Is For

Intermediate data scientists, machine learning engineers, and web developers.

Hard Copy: Web App Development and Real-Time Web Analytics with Python: Develop and Integrate Machine Learning Algorithms into Web Apps

Web Scraping With Selenium and Python: Build a Pinterest Web Scraper With Me


πŸš€ Welcome to the "Web Scraping with Selenium and Python" world! 🌐 Whether you're an experienced developer or a curious beginner, this book is your passport to the captivating realm of web scraping. In an era where data reigns supreme, mastering the art of extracting information from the vast expanses of the internet can be a game-changer.

🎯 Target Audience: Whether you're a data enthusiast, a business professional, or a tech-savvy hobbyist, the content is designed to benefit a wide range of readers. No prior web scraping experience is necessary, but a basic understanding of Python is essential.

πŸ’‘ Purpose: As we navigate through the intricacies of this digital landscape, you'll discover how to leverage Python and Selenium to scrape dynamic websites, providing you with the tools to turn information into actionable insights.

🐍 Python Prerequisites: To join this adventure, a fundamental understanding of Python is a must. We won't cover Python basics in this book, so ensure you're comfortable with the language before diving in. If you're new to Python, consider brushing up on the basics to make the most of your web scraping journey.

πŸ€– Selenium: Ever wondered how to interact with dynamic websites? Enter Selenium, your trusty companion in the web scraping realm. Discover how to use Selenium to navigate through web pages, interact with elements, and extract the data you desire.

πŸ” Project Focus – Pinterest Scraper: What better way to apply your newfound skills than working on a real project? This book guides you through creating a Pinterest scraper—from setting up your environment to handling dynamic content. Gain valuable insights immediately applicable to your projects.

🎒 So, fasten your seatbelt as we embark on a thrilling journey down "Web Scraping with Selenium and Python"! By the end of this book, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to scrape data effectively, opening doors to endless possibilities in data-driven decision-making. Let the scraping adventure begin! 🌐✨

Hard Copy : Web Scraping With Selenium and Python: Build a Pinterest Web Scraper With Me

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Web Applications for Everybody Specialization


What you'll learn

Installing your development environment

Developing a database application with PHP and MySQL

Using JavaScript to interact with a PHP web app

Modeling many-to-many relationships 

Join Free: Web Applications for Everybody Specialization

Specialization - 4 course series

This Specialization is an introduction to building web applications for anybody who already has a basic understanding of responsive web design with JavaScript,  HTML, and CSS. Web Applications for Everybody is your introduction to web application development. You will develop web and database applications in PHP, using SQL for database creation, as well as functionality in JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON.

Over the course of this Specialization, you will create several web apps to add to your developer portfolio. This Specialization (and its prerequisites) will prepare you, even if you have little to no experience in programming or technology, for entry level web developer jobs in PHP.

You’ll demonstrate basic concepts, like database design, while working on assignments that require the development of increasing challenging web apps. From installing a text editor to understanding how a web browser interacts with a web server to handling events with JQuery, you’ll gain a complete introductory overview of web application development.

Applied Learning Project

The courses in this specialization feature assignments requiring development of increasingly challenging web sites, to demonstrate basic concepts as they are introduced.  The projects will demonstrate the students skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript.

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