Master in Data Science in 15 hours


1. Introduction to Data and Data Science

Course Overview

Working with data is an essential part of maintaining a healthy business. This course will introduce you to the field of data science, help you understand the various processes and distinguish between terms such as: ‘traditional data,’ ‘big data,’ ‘business intelligence,’ ‘business analytics,’ ‘data analytics,’ ‘data science,’ and ‘machine learning.’

What You'll Learn

You are interested in starting a career in data science? Begin with the very basics by receiving the proper introduction to the world of data with this course!

Distinguish between various data science related fields

Understand the terms traditional and big data

Integrate common data science techniques

Use specific data science tools

What are the most common data science programming languages

Become familiar with data science job positions and alternatives

  2. Data Strategy

Course Overview

The Data Strategy Course is a truly comprehensive course designed for business owners, business executives, and aspiring or current data practitioners who want to be able to leverage the value of business data. Packed with real-world scenarios, this course will provide context to help you understand why data is one of the most important assets for any business and give you the tools to turn data into insights.

What You'll Learn

The Data Strategy course is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to build a successful business career. The course will help you understand why data is one of the most essential assets for any business organization.

How to improve business processes and gain new revenue streams 

Distinguish between strategic data needs

Improve your decision-making strategy 

Understand customers and markets 

Use data to provide intelligent services and products 

Data quality, ethics, privacy, ownership, access and security

3. Data Literacy 

Course Overview

Data literacy involves articulating a problem that can potentially be solved using data. Most importantly, it is about interpreting the results of an analysis and making decisions based on the gained insights. A data literate person would have the ability to understand and check the adequacy of the data involved. Ultimately, you should be able to read and derive valuable information from data. We will cover all these topics extensively in the course.

What You'll Learn

Being data literate means having the necessary competencies to work with data. Someone who is data literate would have the ability to:

Understand the data sources involved 

Check the adequacy and fitness of data involved 

Interpret the results of an analysis and extract insights 

Make decisions based on the insights 

Articulate a problem that can potentially be solved using data 


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