Monday 8 April 2024

Sending a WhatsApp Message using Python


# importing the module

import pywhatkit

# using Exception Handling to avoid unprecedented errors


# sending message to receiver using pywhatkit

    pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg("+919767292502","Hello Python",21, 23)

    print("Successfully Sent!")


# handling exception and printing error message

    print("An Unexpected Error!")

Here's what each part does:

Importing the Module: import pywhatkit imports the pywhatkit module, which provides various functionalities, including sending WhatsApp messages.

Exception Handling (try-except): The code is wrapped in a try block, which allows Python to attempt the code within it. If an error occurs during the execution of the code inside the try block, Python will stop executing that block and jump to the except block.

Sending WhatsApp Message: Inside the try block, the pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg() function is called to send a WhatsApp message. It takes four arguments: the recipient's phone number (including the country code), the message content, the hour of the day (in 24-hour format) at which the message will be sent, and the minute of the hour.

Success Message: If the message is sent successfully without any errors, the code inside the try block will execute completely, and the success message "Successfully Sent!" will be printed.

Exception Handling (except): If any unexpected error occurs during the execution of the code inside the try block, Python will jump to the except block and execute the code within it. In this case, it simply prints the error message "An Unexpected Error!". This ensures that the program does not crash abruptly if an error occurs during message sending.


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