Saturday 25 May 2024

Download YouTube Videos using Python - pytube



from pytube import YouTube

# YouTube video URL

video_url = ""

# Initialize a YouTube object

yt = YouTube(video_url)

# Select the highest resolution stream

stream = yt.streams.get_highest_resolution()

# Download the video


This Python script uses the pytube library to download a YouTube video.

Let's break down the code:

Importing the necessary module:

from pytube import YouTube
This line imports the YouTube class from the pytube module, which provides functionality to interact with YouTube videos.

Defining the YouTube video URL:

video_url = ""
Here, you specify the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. Replace "" with the URL of the video you want to download.

Initializing a YouTube object:

yt = YouTube(video_url)
This line creates a YouTube object using the specified video URL. This object represents the YouTube video and allows you to access various properties and methods associated with the video.

Selecting the highest resolution stream:

stream = yt.streams.get_highest_resolution()
Here, you retrieve the stream with the highest resolution available for the video. The get_highest_resolution() method returns a Stream object representing the highest resolution stream.

Downloading the video:
Finally, you call the download() method on the Stream object to download the video. This method saves the video file to the current working directory with the default filename.

In summary, this script downloads the YouTube video specified by the video_url variable using the pytube library, selecting the highest resolution available.


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