Tuesday 12 March 2024

Python Coding challenge - Day 148 | What is the output of the following Python Code?

Let's break down the provided code:

d = {'Milk': 1, 'Soap': 2, 'Towel': 3}

if 'Soap' in d:


d = {'Milk': 1, 'Soap': 2, 'Towel': 3}: This line initializes a dictionary named d with three key-value pairs. Each key represents an item, and its corresponding value represents the quantity of that item. In this case, there are items such as 'Milk', 'Soap', and 'Towel', each associated with a quantity.

if 'Soap' in d:: This line checks whether the key 'Soap' exists in the dictionary d. It does this by using the in keyword to check if the string 'Soap' is a key in the dictionary. If 'Soap' is present in the dictionary d, the condition evaluates to True, and the code inside the if block will execute.

print(d['Soap']): If the key 'Soap' exists in the dictionary d, this line will execute. It retrieves the value associated with the key 'Soap' from the dictionary d and prints it. In this case, the value associated with 'Soap' is 2, so it will print 2.

So, in summary, this code checks if the dictionary contains an entry for 'Soap'. If it does, it prints the quantity of soap available (which is 2 in this case).


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