Saturday, 24 March 2018

Why C language is Important ?

Why C language is so important ?
  • Worth to know about C language
              - Oracle is written in C
              - Core libraries of android are written in C
              - MySQL is written in C
              - Almost every device driver is written in C
              - Major part of web browser is written in C
              - Unix operating system is developed in C
              - C is the world's most popular programming language
  • For Students  
              - C is important to build programming skills
              - C covers basic features of all programming language 
              - C campus recruitment process
              - C is most popular language for hardware dependent programming
  • History of C language
            It is Developer of BCPL
            Basic Combined Programming Language
            It is develop in 1966

Developer of B language
It is develop in 1969.Also developer of UNIX operating system 
He is also developed first master level chess called Belle in 1980.

Developer of C language in 1972.
At AT & T's Bell LABs, USA
Co-developer of UNIX operating system

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