Saturday, 24 March 2018

What is C languages ?

C is a very powerful and widely used language. It is used in many scientific programming situations. It forms (or is the basis for) the core of the modern languages Java and C++. It allows you access to the bare bones of your computer.

High Level Language:-
      Beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code
      Used only for small general purpose application
       Common Business Oriented Language
       Used for business applications only
       Formula Translation
       Used only for engineering applications
       These specific language for specific software
       If we want to go to America we must know English Language

Low Level Language:-
  It is a machine level language
  Understandable for computer in 0 1 0 1 0 1 form
  In earlier days this language is used for giving commands computer in 0101010100101010101 format.

Middle Level Language :-
  Middle-level language (MLL) is a computer programming language that interacts with the abstraction layer of a computer system.
  It has both features of HLL and LLL
  It translates the human readable language into Machine language and vice versa
  It not only used to write application software but also system software and communication with hardware.


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