Wednesday 21 March 2018

What is database?

A database is integrated collection of related information along with the details so that it is available to the several user for the different application.
                                        This is a database

  Table is the structure inside database that contains data organized in columns and rows.

  The name of each column in a table is used to interpret its meaning and is called an attributes.

  Each row in a table represents a record and is called tuple.

     Rahul , 101 , Delhi ,
     Sona , 102 , Kolkata ,
     Sumit , 103 , , Ranchi
     Sam , , Noida , 104
                This is a database list of four person, now its create in table form

Database Management System (DBMS)
  DBMS is the software system that allows the access to the data in the database.

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
 RDBMS avoided the navigation model as in old DBMS and introduced Relational model. The relational model has relationship between tables using primary keys, foreign keys and indexes. thus the fetching and storing  of data become faster than the old Navigation model.RDBMS is useful to efficiently manage  vast amount of data and is used in large business application.
  Ex:- SQL Server , Oracle , MySQL , MariaDB , SQLite.

Structural Query Language (SQL)
  It is commonly used with all relational database for data definition and manipulation.

Feature of SQL :-
  It is a non procedural language.
  It is an English-like language.
  It can process a single record as well as set of records at a time.
  All SQL statement define what is to be done rather than how it is to be done.
  SQL has facilities for defining database views , security , transaction etc. 


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