Monday, 19 March 2018

Introduction and Needs of C++

  • During 1970's and early 1980's had become a dominant programming language for programming. 'C' become very useful and successful programming tool.
  • 'C' was useful in solving complex structural programs.But when a program reaches to a certain size, 'C' was not a flexible to solve such a complexity.
  • To deal with such a complex programs,'Object Oriented Programming; concept was invented.
  • This method of programming reduces the complexity by introducing features like inheritance , encapsulation  abstraction , message passing and polymorphism.
  • Object Oriented Programming helpful in representing real life entities.It allows us to decompose a problem into number of entities called as objects.
  • 'C++ was the first object oriented programming language.It was invented by "Bjarne Stroustrup"

Its Need and Requirements:-

  •  Software engineers continuously looking for a new approach to software design and development which reduces complexity.
  •   Software evolution has a distinct phases or layers of growth.These layers build up one by one over last five decades.Each layer representing an improvement over the previous one.


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