Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Object Oriented Programming

Advantages of Object Oriented Programming 

  • Object oriented programming has several advantage to the programmer and user.
  •  Through inheritance redundant code is eliminated and existing class can be extended according to requirement.
  •  Data hiding can be achieved with the help of the data abstraction and encapsulation Data hiding helps the programmers to build secure programs.
  •  It is easy to partition the work in a project based on a objects.
  •  Object oriented system can be easily upgraded from small to large system.
  •  It provides message passing technique for communication between objects.
  •  It is helpful in reducing complexity of the programs.
  •  Object Oriented Programming supports re-usability of the code.
  •  Security is the first main advantage of OOP, the data and functions are combined together in the form of class.

Disadvantage of the Object Oriented Programming

  •  The message based communication between many objects in a complex system is difficult to implement.
  •  Large program size : Object Oriented program typically involve more lines of code than procedural program It require more memory to process at a great speed. So it runs slower than the traditional programming language.
  •  It works on object and everything of the real world is not possible to divide into new neat classes and sub-classes.
  •  There are problems that lend themselves well to functional programming style, logic programming style, or procedure based programming style and applying object oriented programming in those situation will not result in efficient programs.


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