Tuesday 16 April 2024

Element information using Python



import periodictable

# Function to get information about an element

def get_element_info(symbol):

    # Check if the symbol is valid

    if not periodictable.elements.symbol(symbol):

        print("Invalid element symbol.")


    # Access information about the specified element

    element = periodictable.elements.symbol(symbol)


    # Print information about the element

    print(f"Element: {element.name}")

    print(f"Symbol: {element.symbol}")

    print(f"Atomic Number: {element.number}")

    print(f"Atomic Weight: {element.mass}")

    print(f"Density: {element.density}")


# Prompt the user to input an element symbol

element_symbol = input("Enter the symbol of the element: ")

# Call the function to get information about the specified element




The line import periodictable imports a Python library/module named "periodictable". This library provides information about chemical elements such as their names, symbols, atomic numbers, atomic weights, and other properties.

In the provided code:

get_element_info(symbol) is a function that takes an element symbol as input and retrieves information about that element.
if not periodictable.elements.symbol(symbol): checks if the symbol entered by the user is valid. If it's not valid, it prints "Invalid element symbol." and exits the function.
element = periodictable.elements.symbol(symbol) accesses the information about the specified element using the symbol() method provided by the periodictable library.
Information about the element, such as its name, symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, and density (if available), is then printed using print statements.
The code prompts the user to input an element symbol, then calls the get_element_info function to display information about the specified element. If the element symbol provided by the user is not valid, it informs the user about the invalid input.


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