Friday 26 April 2024

Book Giveaway ! One Book one Person


  1. Software Architecture Patterns for Serverless Systems - Second Edition: Architecting for innovation with event-driven microservices and micro frontends
  2. Modern C++ Programming Cookbook - Third Edition: Master modern C++ including the latest features of C++23 with 140+ practical recipes
  3. Build your own Programming Language - Second Edition: A developer's comprehensive guide to crafting, compiling, and implementing programming languages
  4. Unity Cookbook - Fifth Edition: Over 160 recipes to craft your own masterpiece in Unity 2023
  5. Deep Learning Illustrated: A Visual, Interactive Guide to Artificial Intelligence (Addison-Wesley Data & Analytics Series)
  6. Terraform Cookbook - Second Edition: Provision, run, and scale cloud architecture with real-world examples using Terraform
  7. Dancing with Qubits - Second Edition: From qubits to algorithms, embark on the quantum computing journey shaping our future
  8. Interpretable Machine Learning with Python - Second Edition: Build explainable, fair, and robust high-performance models with hands-on, real-world examples
  9. Generative AI with LangChain: Build large language model (LLM) apps with Python, ChatGPT and other LLMs
  10. Transformers for Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision - Third Edition: Explore Generative AI and Large Language Models with Hugging Face, ChatGPT, GPT-4V, and DALL-E 3
  11. Java Coding Problems - Second Edition: Become an expert Java programmer by solving over 250 brand-new, modern, real-world problems
  12. Azure Data Factory Cookbook - Second Edition: A data engineer's guide to building and managing ETL and ELT pipelines with data integration
  13. Systems Engineering Demystified - Second Edition: Apply modern, model-based systems engineering techniques to build complex systems
  14. Extending Power BI with Python and R - Second Edition: Perform advanced analysis using the power of analytical languages
  15. 50 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know - Second Edition: An unbeatable arsenal of algorithmic solutions for real-world problems
  16. Python for Security and Networking - Third Edition: Leverage Python modules and tools in securing your network and applications
  17. Developing Kaggle Notebooks: Pave your way to becoming a Kaggle Notebooks Grandmaster
  18. Machine Learning Engineering with Python - Second Edition: Manage the lifecycle of machine learning models using MLOps with practical examples
  19. Generative AI with Python and TensorFlow 2: Create images, text, and music with VAEs, GANs, LSTMs, Transformer models
  20. Functional Python Programming - Third Edition: Use a functional approach to write succinct, expressive, and efficient Python code
  21. Mastering Go - Fourth Edition: Leverage Go's expertise for advanced utilities, empowering you to develop professional software


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