Monday 5 February 2024

Python QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Python Programming Using Hands-On Projects and Real-World Applications (QuickStart Guides™ - Technology)


Learn Python fundamentals that can be used in any programming setting – use the guidance in this book to program your own game in a unique and practical Python learning experience.

#1 New Release and #1 Best-Seller!

Learning Python opens the door to a world of programming possibilities.

From AI and machine learning to video game, app, and web development, Python is a critical behind-the-scenes component of everyday technology.

Python powers the services of household names like Google, Netflix, and Spotify along with tech pioneers like NASA, IBM, and Intel. Put simply, Python is the in-demand and easy-to-learn programming language that gets stuff done.

In Python QuickStart Guide, senior developer and programmer Robert Oliver lays out the quickest and most accessible path yet to the mastery of Python fundamentals.

Distilling his experience drawn from over two decades of working with Python and other programming languages, Robert’s clear voice and writing present a practical, hands-on approach that anyone, at any experience level, can use to become a Python programmer.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or existing programmer, a job seeker looking for a career change or promotion, or just someone who wants to learn how to automate basic tasks with Python—Robert’s step-by-step approach, complete with a hands-on companion Python video game project, is the perfect starting point to master Python fundamentals!

Python QuickStart Guide is Perfect for:

New or experienced programmers looking to enhance their career opportunities with an in-demand programming language

Job seekers who want to supercharge their resumes and increase their value in the job marketplace

Students or recent college grads who have their sights set on a lucrative position in the tech industry

Full stack developers or programmers who need to round out their programming skills to take on new projects

Coding or programming bootcamp students looking for supplemental learning material

Anyone who wants to explore the world of programming, use Python to automate tedious tasks, or enhance their resume and future-proof their skills!

Python QuickStart Guide Explains

The best practical approach to learning Python—follow along with the exercises in the book to program your own video game and learn along the way

How to master Python building blocks and build a robust set of programming skills at your own pace

How to avoid common pitfalls new programmers face, how to debug code, and how to eliminate frustrating errors

Coding best practices that anyone can use to level up their programming skills using Python or any other programming language

You Will Learn

How to Use Python – Practical Examples, Code Snippets, Plus Follow Along to Code Your Own Game!

Python Fundamentals – How to Use Python for Web Design and Interfacing with GitHub, SQL, and Other Applications

Object-Oriented Programming Principles – Managing Data, Scripts, Logic, Inputs, Outputs, and More!

Programming Essentials – Debugging, Producing Clean Code, Best Practices, Time-Savers, and Tips

Python Next Steps –Testing, Optimization, Speed Improvements, Integrations with Other Applications, and More!

*Lifetime Access To Free Python Programming Digital Assets*

In addition to the follow-along Python game included with the exercises in the book, Python QuickStart Guide comes with a library of references and cheat sheets to help you go beyond the book and get the most out of your Python learning experience.

QuickStart Guides are books for beginners, written by experts.

Hard Copy: Python QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Python Programming Using Hands-On Projects and Real-World Applications (QuickStart Guides™ - Technology)


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