Tuesday 20 February 2024

Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Fundamentals Specialization


What you'll learn

Information security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks.

Network security assessment techniques and tools.

Computer forensics fundaments, digital evidence, and forensic investigation phases.

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Specialization - 3 course series

This Specialization can be taken by students, IT professionals, IT managers, career changers, and anyone who seeks a cybersecurity career or aspires to advance their current role. This course is ideal for those entering the cybersecurity workforce, providing foundational, hands-on skills to solve the most common security issues organizations face today.

This 3-course Specialization will help you gain core cybersecurity skills needed to protect critical data, networks, and digital assets. You will learn to build the foundation that enables individuals to grow their skills in specialized domains like penetration testing, security consulting, auditing, and system and network administration. 

Applied Learning Project

Learn to troubleshoots  network security problems, monitor alerts, and follow policies, procedures, and standards to protect information assets. You will gain practical skills cybersecurity professionals need in Information Security, Network Security, Computer Forensics, Risk Management, Incident Handling, and the industry best practices.


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