Tuesday 6 February 2024

Advanced React


What you'll learn

Create robust and reusable components with advanced techniques and learn different patterns to reuse common behavior

Interact with a remote server and fetch and post data via an API

Seamlessly test React applications with React Testing Library

Integrate commonly used React libraries to streamline your application development

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There are 4 modules in this course

Learn how to use more advanced React concepts and features, become proficient in JSX, and confidently test your applications.

You’ll examine different types of React components and learn various characteristics and when to use them. You’ll dig into more advanced hooks and create your own. You’ll look into building forms with React. You’ll explore component composition and new patterns, such as Higher Order Components and Render Props. You’ll create a web application that consumes API data and get familiar with the most commonly used React framework integrations, tools, and testing techniques.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Render lists and form components efficiently in React.
Lift shared state up when several components need the updated data.
Leverage React Context to share global state for a tree of components.
Fetch data from a remote server.
Use advanced hooks in React, and put them to use within your application.
Build your own custom hooks.
Understand JSX in depth.
Embrace component composition techniques
Use advanced patterns to encapsulate common behavior via Higher Order Components and Render Props.
Test your React components.
Build a portfolio using React.

You’ll gain experience with the following tools and software: 
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 

You will be able to leverage the potential of this course to develop new skills, improve productivity, act effectively with data and boost your career.

To take this course, you should understand the basics of React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, it always helps to have a can-do attitude!


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