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Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics


Earn a Post Graduate Diploma from a premier institution and build skills for a successful career in data science.

By joining this Postgraduate Diploma program, you will be empowered with the statistical tools required to make data-driven decisions and advance your career in the fields of data science and applied statistics. You will also hone your skills with real-world data from governments and international organisations.

  • Learn how to analyse, visualise, and present large data sets: You will benefit from a 360-degree view into how official data systems are built and learn scientific ways of collecting, analysing and presenting data.
  • Select a specialised track: You will start with the foundations of statistics, economics, and computing skills, leading to a choice between two tracks - data analytics or official statistics.
  • Gain job-ready applied skills: Develop experience with data analysis tools in popular coding platforms like Python and R. You will also acquire skills needed to build, interpret and improve official databases used in policy making.

How will you benefit from this Post Graduate Diploma by ISI?

Learn from the Institution that works with the government and trains key officers of the Ministry :

Functioning under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, ISI is a national institution that leads high-impact national projects involving very large data-sets and works very closely with the Government on various projects.

Prepare for the real-world by working with data from large government and international projects :

Work with open databases used in policy and decision-making across national public projects like the Census of India, National Coal Index (used by the Govt. of India in its auction process of coal mines), browser-based data capture technology for the NSSO survey and important crypto security projects.

Interact in live sessions with renowned, globally-recognised faculty :

Faculty at ISI include eminent scientists of global repute, whose contributions have been recognised with awards such as the Padma Shri, S. S. Bhatnagar Award and the Fellowship of Indian Academy of Science. They facilitate policy decisions by working with large datasets and train officers of the Indian Statistical Service.

Develop industry-ready skills and learn from accomplished experts :

You will get regular opportunities to interact with senior officers of the Indian Statistical Service with up to 40 years of experience. Learn from industry experts through live, interactive sessions and leverage insights to solve critical business challenges at the workplace.

Access potential job opportunities facilitated by ISI :

Through the placement committee led by an ISI faculty convenor, you will get the chance to showcase your skills to prospective employers after building your ‘Learner Skills’ profile. Placements for all ISI programmes are an entirely student-driven activity - there is no placement guarantee offered by ISI.

Receive exclusive career readiness support :

The career readiness program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive job market. You will receive exclusive access to networking opportunities, career workshops, sessions with industry experts, curated workplace success courses and mentorship from industry veterans.You will be equipped with the skills, connections, and knowledge needed to accelerate your career.

Gain access to an exclusive student community and alumni network :

  1. Gain a global perspective to data science - 27% learners are studying from 15 different nations such as the USA, UK, Norway, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Australia, etc.

  2. Learners have rich industry experience - 80%+ of the batch are working professionals seeking to advance their skills and career (36% have 10+ years of experience). 40% of the batch is 35+ years old.

  3. Network with industry leaders - Many learners are senior professionals at large MNCs and PSUs such as Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, EY, Volvo, BlackRock, Tata Motors and Wipro.

ISI on-campus graduates consistently go on to succeed as data scientists, analysts, statisticians, researchers, policymakers, and more, and have taken roles with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, JP Morgan & Chase, KPMG, Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung, and others.

Explore enhanced flexibility features :

  1. Payment flexibility - Choose to pay in instalments rather than paying for the entire program upfront to better plan and finance your education.
  2. Self-paced learning - Complete your studies in up to 36 months at no additional cost - focus on your academic pursuits without compromising on your other commitments.
  3. Classes that suit your schedule - Manage your work and studies better by attending classes in the evenings and on weekends.
  4. Choose your specialisation - Choose amongst either data analytics or official statistics (or both), depending on your area of interest.

JOIN: Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics Indian Statistical Institute


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