Monday 30 October 2023

Build a Website using an API with HTML, JavaScript, and JSON (Free Course)



Provide ability for website users to look up 7 day weather forecasts for major European cities
Keep website visitors on the website longer
Increase online bookings

About this Project

In this project, you’ll support a European travel agency’s effort to increase booking by building a webpage that provides visitors with a 7-day weather forecast for major European cities. 

Accomplishing this task will require you to retrieve real-time weather data from an external service. In creating the webpage, you’ll request, process, and present the weather data using HTML, JavaScript, and JSON. 

There isn’t just one right approach or solution in this scenario, which means you can create a truly unique project that helps you stand out to employers.

ROLE: Software Developer

SKILLS: Web Design, Web Development, Cloud API


Function closures, asynchronous processing, REST API, and JSON handling with JavaScript

Present content with HTML tags 

Present content using classes with CSS

Format and syntax of JSON

JOIN Free - Build a Website using an API with HTML, JavaScript, and JSON


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