Thursday 1 February 2024

Python for Data Analysts and Scientists: Jump start your career in Data Analysis and Data Science Field


This is an excellent book for those who want to Jumpstart their career in Data Analytics and Data Scientist field.

My interest in learning Python script faced a challenging question - “Where shall I start from?”. I browsed through numerous online videos and training materials but with little success. After I agreed to pay a reasonable amount, a training course from a well-known e-learning platform gave me introductory knowledge on Python script. Learning the basic Python commands is one thing, whereas applying them to real life problems is another. For many months, the question - “Which Python commands are important in solving real-life problems?” bothered me a lot. It took me several sleepless nights, and a frantic lookout for a concise list of Python commands from an ocean of online information. My hands-on experiences designing Machine Learning models, performing root cause analysis by statistical hypothesis, and providing consultation as a Data Scientist, helped me learn the most crucial Python commands. The birth of this book is from the thoughts of my struggle in mastering and applying the Python script for resolving numerous challenging tasks. This book concisely lists the essential commands, the data visualization technics, and the statistical knowledge. I have mindfully placed the contents of this book for the day-to-day activities of a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist. This book aims to provide a quick starting platform for those who want to dive into the vast field of Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Further, this book will be a quick reference for those already in this field. With the hope of helping beginners and practitioners, and with a silent prayer of goodwill, I walk you through the simple steps to the proficiency in Python. Let us dive in and enjoy the journey into the world of Python.

Hard Copy: Python for Data Analysts and Scientists: Jump start your career in Data Analysis and Data Science Field


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