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Types of Constructors in C#.NET Part 2 | C#.NET Tutorial | Clcoding

Type of Constructors 

1. Default or Parameter Less Constructor

2. Parameterized Constructor

3. Copy Constructor

4. Static Constructor

Default or Parameter Less Constructor : 

 If a constructor method doesn't take any parameters then we call that as default or parameter less. these constructors can be defined by a programmer explicitly or else will be default implicitly provided there is no explicit constructor under the class. 

class Test


public Test ()     //Implicit Constructor




Parameterized Constructor :

If a constructor method is defined with out any parameters we call that as parameterized constructor and these constructor can be defined by the programmers only but never can be defined implicitly.

Copy Constructor :

If we want to create multiple instances with the same values then we use these copy constructors, in a copy constructors the  constructors takes the same class as a parameters to it.

Static Constructor :

If a constructor is explicitly declared by using static modifier we call that as static constructor. All the constructors we have defined till now are non-static or instance constructors.

Class Test


static Test ()    //Static constructor defined explicitly



public Test ()   // Implicit default constructor




If a class contains any static the only implicit static constructors will be present or else we need to define them explicitly whereas non-static constructors will be implicitly defined in every class (except static class) provided we did not define them explicitly.

Static constructor are responsible in initializing static variables and these constructors are never called explicitly they are implicitly called and more over these constructor are first to execute under any class.

Static constructors can't be parameterized so overloading static constructors is not possible. 



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