Tuesday 5 May 2020

what are the difference between LIST , TUPLE and SET in python ?

The tuple, list, set, dictionary are trying to solve the most important problems in programming, called, storage of data and retrieval of stored data in a way that is both easy to use, to code and to read for the programmers.
The big problems are:
- space availability
- insertion
- searching by value or position
- updating
- make the operations faster for big/huge data sets
When you only store data that you aren't changing and don't need to do search by value as you know the position.
When you store data that you changing, inserting if fast and don't need to do search/update by value as you know the position
When you store data that changes from times to time, but most importantly you need very fast search by value as you don't know position then you use sets.The search is very fast as the set is indexed in memory and fast binary search used. Inserting and deletion is slow.
When you need fast search, data doesn't change often, few updates and inserts. Is just advanced set where you store a group of key and value and search by the key.


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