Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Reading CSV files without using any library | Python

Code: (Note: It will work only if you open your file with variable e) li=[]; for i in e: i=i.replace("\n","").split(","); li.append(i); e.close() Note the values are float , but in above list li , those are stored as string , you can further type cast to float using this below code: (Be careful in converting string to float , the first row can not be converted into float as those are column names , for rest of the rows you can perform conversion) li=[]; temp=0; for i in e: if(temp!=0): i=i.replace("\n","").split(","); gi=[]; for j in i: gi.append(float(j)); li.append(gi); else: i=i.replace("\n","").split(","); li.append(i); temp+=1; e.close() Python for beginners:



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