Monday, 9 April 2018

Introduction of Java

  • Java is develop by James Gosling in 1991
  • Java is a developed in the early 90s in Sun Microsystems company. Java first version release in 1995 (Java 1.0).
  • Java first name is Oak.
  • It is a high -level language.
  • Java is object oriented programing.
  • Java is run on-Java virtual Machine.

    How to run a Java program?

Java Program is run on Jdk (Java develop Kit) Software.
First of all we will install a jdk Software,then next install a eclipse Software.
Java is run on jvm (Java virtual machine).
In below figure we  will show a how to Execute a one simple program. 

Java is a simple and secure language.

Next slide we will explain , how to write a simple java program.

How to use a simple java program

  • In java programing, first create Package .
       package lesson1;                                              //create package
       public class MyClass;                                    // Class is a user-defined function,and class is a key word.
       public static void main(string[] ,arg)             //main function is starting of program.
       System.out.println(“Hello Friends”);              //This function is print the output on output screen.


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