Tuesday, 26 January 2021

What is CLR (Common Language Runtime) in DotNET (.Net) Framework | Clcoding

The CLR (Common Language RunTime) :

  • Is the foundation of the .NET Framework.
  • Acts as an execution engine for the .NET Framework.
  • Manages the execution of programs and provides a suitable environment for programs to run.
  • Provides a multi-language execution environment.

The following figure shows a more detailed look at the working of the CLR:


Just in time (JIT) compiler converts MSIL to native code, which is CPU specific code.

When a code is executed for the first time;

⟶ The CIL ( COMMON INTERMEDIATE LANGUAGE ) code is converted to a code native to the operating system.

⟶ This is done at runtime by the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler present in the CLR.

⟶ The CLR converts the CIL code to the machine language code.

⟶ Once this is done, the code can be directly executed by the CPU.


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