Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Namespace and Main Method in C# PROGRAMMING | Clcoding

What is Namespace ?

A namespace is used to organize your code and is collection of classes, interfaces, structs, enums and delegates.

To define a namespace in C#, we will use the namespace keyword followed by the name of the namespace and curly braces containing the body of the namespace as follows: 


namespace name_of_namespace {

// Namespace (Nested Namespaces)
// Classes
// Interfaces
// Structures
// Delegates


Note : 

  • If you don't want to use namespace you can use fully qualified name (FQN).
  • Two classes with the same name can be created inside 2 different namespaces in a single program.
  • Inside a namespace, no two classes can have the same name.
  • In C#, the full name of the class starts from its namespace name followed by dot(.) operator and the class name, which is termed as the fully qualified name of the class.

Example :

 // defining the namespace name1
namespace name1

    // C1 is the class in the namespace name1
    class C1
         // class code

What is main Method ? 

Main method is the entry point into your application. 


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