Wednesday 9 January 2019

Ethical Hacking

What is Hacking ?
  •  Hacking is the act of finding the possible entry points that exist in a computer system or a computer network and finally entering into them.
  • Hacking is usually done to gain unauthorized access to a computer system or a computer network, either to harm the systems or to steal sensitive information available on the computer.

What is Ethical Hacking ?
  • Ethical Hacking is the act of doing penetration testing, finding vulnerabilities to ensure the security of an organization's information system.
  • These professionals are the part of cyber security company.
  • There goal in company is-
  • To protect system's from attackers
  • To ensure privacy of organization data
  • Eliminate any potential threat 

Types of Hacker's
  • Black Hat :- It is a very dangerous hacker, because there are note associate any kind of company. The actually do hacking in order to harm people or organization and also do hacking in order to steel of sensitive information.
  • White Hat :- The white hat hacker the associate with particular organization and always do hacking in order to protect their company data from another hackers.
  • Grey Hat :- Grey hat hacker is combination of black hat hacker and white hat hacker.So some times gray hat hacker associated with particular company and do hacking for good way but side by side they also do hacking for any legal purpose. 
  • Reconnaisance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Clearing Tracks


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