Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A basic Encryption Decryption System

  • Transforming information from readable format to unreadable format.
  • Encryption Algorithms can be used to encrypt data.
  • Transforming from unreadable format to readable format
  • Decryption Algorithms can be used to decrypt data.
  • A string of bits used by a cryptography algorithm to transform plain text into cipher text or vice versa.
  • Key remains private and secures communication.

Plain text 

 The original message (before encrypting) is called as plain text

Cipher text

   The transformed message (after encrypting) is called as Cipher text.

  • Techniques used for decrypting a message without any knowledge of the encryption details.
  • "Breaking the code"

Brute force attack
  • Trying every possible key until an intelligible translation of the ciphertext into plaintext is obtained.

Two Techniques

1. Symmetric Cryptography
  • Also called secret key/private key cryptography
  • Same key used for Encryption & Decryption.
2. Asymmetric Cryptography.
  • Also called public key cryptography
  • A pair of keys is used for encryption and decryption.


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