Sunday 23 September 2018

Introduction to Android


  • Android is an Operating System Mainly for smartphones.
  • But now you can find Android in your Tab, Television, TV Set top Box, Watches and even in your Car.
  • Android is a rich application Framework that allows you to develop innovative apps and Games for your Mobile devices.
  • Java is the  official development language for android, but in Google I/O 2017 Google introduce another language Kotlin as an Official language.
  • Now we have two programming languages for Android development, Java & Kotlin.
  • In this blog We are going to use Java for the App development.
  • Android is developed by Open Handset Alliance led by Google
  • Android uses Linux as its Kernel.
  • Android is open source Operating System.
  • Anyone can be an App developer and the tools needed for the App development is freely available on the web.
  • Android uses a special virtual machine for run your apps called Dalvik virtual machine.
  • You can develop Android apps and make it available for users through Google Play Store.
  • You can earn money from your apps through in App purchases and by placing Ads on your App.
  • Every year Google Release a New version of Android.
  • This Android series use a (Version 8.0, API Level 26)
Android Stack


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