Wednesday 6 October 2021

Control structures [if elif]

Control structures 

if elif

  •    Whenever you want to execute certain commands only when the certain condition is satisfied. 
  •    So, in that case you can go for if else statements, the condition can also be single or you can also give multiple condition, in that case you will have multiple else statements.
  • In the image below you can see this, more clearly.


  • So, first we will look into the if else family of constructs, if else and If-elif-else are a family of constructs, where a condition is first checked, if it is satisfied only then the operations will be performed. 
  • If, the condition is not satisfied the code exits the construct or moves on to the other options. So, whenever we use just an if statement or with an else statement or with using multiple if's and multiple else clause. 
  • The first check would be the condition, whenever the condition is satisfied only then the code will be executed or the statement will be executed, otherwise the code exits the construct itself and moves to the other options. So, that is how the if else family of the constructs works. 

  • Let us see different task for each construct. So, first we will look into if construct, the command would be if expression colon and statements in the next line.
  • If is a key word, if the condition is satisfied whatever condition you have given it under the expression, then the statements will get executed. Otherwise, the code exit the construct itself. 
  • Next, we will move ahead and see what is the syntax would be for If-else construct
  • It forms a basis from the if construct, wherever we have given the first statement, using the if keyword and followed by if keyword you have to give the expression to be checked, that is where the condition to be specified.

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