Monday, 6 January 2020

Begin Python 🐍 Overview and pip install

This introductory course uses the TCLab package that can be installed with:

pip install tclab


!pip install tclab --user

if you are running in a Jupyter notebook and do not have administrative privilege. The 12 modules of this course are intended to help you complete the final project.

Final Project: You have eggs that need to hatch in an incubator. One option is to constantly check the temperature and adjust the heaters manually. Another way is to automate the temperature control by constantly checking the temperature and adjusting the heaters with Python. Unfortunately, you only get three eggs for the test and one attempt to get it right. You do have a simulator of the incubator (TCLab) so you can practice Python, without having to worry about mistakes. The purpose of this lab is to develop a temperature controller (like a thermostat) that could be used for an egg incubator. There are other factors such as humidity and turning the eggs that are important with incubators but we'll only focus on the temperature for this project.

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